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Thread: Help! 1st day.....i dud it wrong didnt i?!

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    Help! 1st day.....i dud it wrong didnt i?!

    Should start by saying it's my own fault...I've not had my pack yet! My friend got hers thurs and just gave me a couple if days supply so all I've got info wise is what I've found online.

    Here's what I had yesterday:

    1 x tablespoon of straw, 1 x vanilla mixed with 250ml of unsweetened soya milk

    1 x litre water
    1 x med banana
    1 x sm apple

    Same shake mix for lunch

    3 x low cal rice cakes (100 in total)

    3 x mini chicken fillets
    1 x mini corn on cob
    Salad with hellmans fat free salad dressing

    100 cal crisps

    Now hopefully the above Is not too bad but here's where I went wrong I believe....

    1. I had the Soya milk so I could have some semi skimmed milk in my 2 coffees I had yesterday (normally I'd have about 5/6 coffee/tea during the day so that's a massive reduction for me)
    Can I even have caffeine? What about the milk like that?

    2. I didn't drink enough water

    3. Corn on the cob was my only carb but really should I have had something healthier like brown rice?

    4. Diet drinks.... I confess fri wasn't a good day to start as I gave in to diet come with rum in it
    Probably ruined my first day but I need to know can I have either so I must be honest!!! ( I had 3)

    I'd really appreciate any help as I'm guessing my stuff won't be here until Monday and really want to start properly!

    I've had a coffee this morning but am happy to have no more today, I just need that 1 in the morning!


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    Sounds fine to me.
    Quite often i would have something and salad with no other carbs. I found that keeping a track on myfitnesspal helped to keep track of my daily protein/fat/carbs. Plus any other snacks that I added.
    I always struggled to drink enough water. I did continue drinking coffee ( but I usually only have three cups a day). I also occasionally had herbalife lemon or raspberry tea, and recently have discovered fennel tea and liquorice tea. And a hot chocolate drink at supper time (weightwatchers hot chocolate)

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