1. CoffeeInBed

    Chinese Buffet

    Okay ladies and gents, I need some help. My 7yo is off on a sleepover and my mother in law is taking the baby for the night tonight so we’re 100% child free and she has gifted us a voucher for our favourite Chinese buffet :eek: my partner isn’t doing SlimmingWorld and is so excited for drinks...
  2. jfc

    Alcohol and the Whoosh Effect

    I have been losing weight steadily (some would say rapidly as I started on TS and have lost nearly 4 stone since July) I have however noticed that when my weight stays the same for a while I have maybe got a little down and had a glass of wine or 2 and the next day will have lost 2-3 pounds. I...
  3. W

    Jack Daniels Honey

    Hi! Anybody know the syn value for Jack Daniels Honey? Thanks:)
  4. W


    Im wondering if anyone could tell me how many syns there are in a can of Duff Beer?