1. JessCa

    Support needed

    Hi all, I just signed up here today I'm Jess. I joined slimming world quite a few weeks ago and im actually finding it very difficult. ive lost a total of 5lbs it was 7 but ive put a few back on. i keep having bad days and its getting me really down. I have social anxiety so i dont attent the...
  2. N

    Bad Week

    Hi, I've just joined here, but been doing slimming world since Feb. I've had the worst week, and no real excuse. I have had a couple of gains, but "justifiable" in that there was a birthday etc. and I forgave myself. My weigh in is tomorrow, and I suppose I just want some reassurance that I...
  3. N

    Binge Guilt

    I've been doing SW for a year, lost two stone and it's great. I had to study abroad for 3 months and came home for Christmas. Went back to group in January and only gained a pound after my time away and Christmas eating! My problem is in the four weeks since I've been back I only lost weight at...