cambridge 2019

  1. TashaLB

    Cambridge Diet 2019

    Hi all Well I’m back again after 18 months. Due to an illness I put all my weight back on. Took me a year to get my health sorted and I’m now on my second week. Just had my second weigh in yesterday and I’ve lost a total of 20lb on plan ss. Not to shabby. Sadly I’m fighting shingles as well...
  2. J

    Cambridge plan back for round 2

    Hey guys Let me start with a little introduction My names jo I’m 28 I have an amazing family I work hard I’m 5ft 1 I started Cambridge back in April last year as I was getting married in October. My start weight was 12st 1. In July I reached 9st 9. My target was 8st 7 but in July I just kept...