Cambridge plan back for round 2

Hey guys
Let me start with a little introduction
My names jo
I’m 28
I have an amazing family
I work hard
I’m 5ft 1
I started Cambridge back in April last year as I was getting married in October. My start weight was 12st 1. In July I reached 9st 9. My target was 8st 7 but in July I just kept fannying about one week I’d follow it the next not so great.
Anyway so I got married in October at 10St I felt beautiful and comfortable in my dress even though not at target.
So Christmas then came, I knew I had put on. A little as my jean button kept popping open 😂🙈
So January came and I decided to start slimming world.
My first weight in was 11st 5 🙄 and at current I’m 10st 12... I think I actually haven’t weighed myself as I’m to scared. I’ve just lost complete interest in it
I’m an all or nothing kind of girl I can’t just open a packet of biscuits and have 2 ...if I was meant to have to just have 2 then they should be individually wrapped right? 😇
Any who so I had a chat with my old Cambridge consultant lady in the past she really wanted me to be a consultant and I did too but just never was the right time with a full time job, NVQ level 2 in progress and 3 kids to look after.
Soooo last month I booked my consultation in for this month the 28th.
But I can’t really be a consultant and be on a different diet that I dont enjoy anywhere near as much as cambridge.
So Sunday I’m going to collect my products and get summer body ready.... ish🤗
Anyone else starting soon or just started?
Please join me on my little journey.
Sorry for going on 🙈
Welcome Jo and congratulations on your wedding and it’s so heartwarming to read that you felt beautiful and comfortable in your dress on your big day...well done:0clapper:

Good luck with getting summer body to follow in the hope some of your enthusiasm rubs off on me:classic_smile:.
Hello mini.
How long have you been doing the weight plan?
What step are you on?
Thank you it was a fab day.
Just wish I had t ruined the weight loss but never mind alwaysba positive in a negative 🤗
So today was the day I went back to my consultant.
I weighed at 10st 11 at 5ft 1 so BMI is 28.5
I also spent 1 1/2 hours observing her with clients as I have my training day on the 28th in London🤗
While I was there I picked up my weeks worth of products (step 1a)
I also picked up my 30 day challenge chart...
So here goes nothing 🤞🏻
Bring on the next 6 days as my next weigh in will be Saturday
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Ohhh good luck I bet you’ve done great. Do you feel less bloated?
It’s really quiet in here though. No one seems to be commenting or posting that much😶
It’s always nice to listen to people’s stories. It really does help.
I’m waiting for my training questionnaire results seems to be taking forever lol
Not feeling bad at all so far, loads of energy!
I am loving reading all the posts and diaries on here but it is very quiet compared to all the posts a few years ago!
Ironically I find the best distraction for me is reading other people's journeys
It is so quiet compared to before. I think a lot of people have gone to facebook but I always liked the set up of the forum more. It's a shame. I'm always worried it will be shut down one day :(