1. Bean An Tí

    JANUARY 2021 Challenge

    Im starting a challenge here for any of our SW members to join in and weigh in. Whats your January weight loss goal? this months target you want to meet. Weigh Day Post results on your weigh day for the month of January regardless of loss or gain, all in this together.
  2. tipperary

    July exercise challenge

    OK OK, I know. I have been terrible at these the last few months but that doesn't mean you get to slack off too. So, usual rules, set yourself a target and writevit down here. Come back as often as you can and let us know how you did. Can you beat your target? Can you set yourself a new...
  3. JoanieK

    Jan 2017 challenge- everybody welcome

    So gonna kick this off with a hope of 4lbs loss in January.. Joaniek- 5lb target- 5lb to go
  4. lickthelid

    Calling all me!

    Welcome to the slimming world section of minimins. We are a lovely supportive bunch, most of whom have been here before or for a while, some at target, some close, some trying to find their way back (**raises hand**) Firstly we would like to say congratulations on choosing A) Slimming World and...