1. Seafood Calypso

    Slimming World Chips using an air fryer?

    Hello. Please can you tell me if it is possible to have chips Slimming World Style, in a air fryer? I've just purchased one and it says to soak potatoes in oil and I didn't really want to use syns. Do I need to use any oil at all? If so, is Frylight ok?
  2. MysticalT

    Slimmimg world chips what am I doing wrong?

    So I follow the instructions exactly and end up with either... A tray of mashed up potato because they've fell apart from turning over Or A tray of half burnt and half under cooked things that look like chips. Even the dog ( who stole 1 when I dropped it) spat it out :D I need chips as the...
  3. Lauren.B

    Extra Easy Chips!!!

    I went out to my local pub last night for dinner and I had chips with my mixed grill, I don't know how much to syn them at and I don't really want to estimate the number. Does anyone have any suggestion? It was a Marston's pub if this helps! I feel a lot better with someone else estimating...