Extra Easy Chips!!!


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I went out to my local pub last night for dinner and I had chips with my mixed grill, I don't know how much to syn them at and I don't really want to estimate the number. Does anyone have any suggestion? It was a Marston's pub if this helps! I feel a lot better with someone else estimating rather than me in case I estimate too low! The only other syns I am counting from yesterday at 7.5 for onion rings and 4 syns for banana pancakes.

I asked for no sausage so I don't need to syn that and I always allow a few syns for any oil which might be included but any help is appreciated! I'm writing absolutely everything down in my diary because 2016 is target year and it is going to happen! even with chips!

Ah thank you! I would say it was probably about half or so the size of a side dish of chips but I will count as a full portion to be safe! :)
Rosaleen I am rather glad you did post your question in this thread lol as I too like the pink and white wafers but I have been labouring under the impression that they were 1.1/2 syn's I could have sworn that I'd seen a pretty big add for them because I remember thinking Oooh great I like them