green days

  1. Pouchie

    Returning to SW

    Hi there, I’m vegan so have been doing the green plan (all be it from memory) however I am confused about how many hea’s and heb’s am I allowed? Also are the free foods on green the same as a few years ago. I did the classes before but they are not really for me so I am running blind. I may...
  2. M

    Zero noodle snack pots

    Any ideas on syn value of zero noodle snack pots? Am hoping/guessing they might be free on green. ;) Will try to add pic (?as attached file) I bought them in Holland and Barrett thinking they'd be handy for work day lunches :D
  3. Hulsette


    Hi everyone. I'm new to slimming world, can't make it to classes so bought some books. I've got the 2015 food directory and optimising book and the 2016 free food and low syn books. As I've got the old book I'm still following the old Red and green days. I've just ignored the bits about healthy...
  4. Mini

    Extra Easy SW Quick Filter

    Pierce has added a Slimming World filter to make it easier to find posts related to the prefixes on a thread. What this means is if you tap on a prefix you will get all threads with that prefix. So if you are looking for Extra Easy threads, just tap on an Extra Easy Prefix and you will get a...