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Hi everyone.
I'm new to slimming world, can't make it to classes so bought some books. I've got the 2015 food directory and optimising book and the 2016 free food and low syn books. As I've got the old book I'm still following the old Red and green days. I've just ignored the bits about healthy extra a and bs as I thought that only applies to new plans. Am I wrong? Do I get healthy extras on red and green days? And if so, what can I eat?
Thanks, I'm so confused!
Hi, you still need to stick to the healthy extras on all plans. Yes you need them on both red & green days. Your books should say what things you can choose from.
I do Extra Easy. You could do that even if you have old books because even if the Syns are only mentioned as red or green, extra easy is the lowest syn value out of the two. So, let's say for instance something is down as 3 syns on green but 1 syn on red, then on Extra Easy you'd count 1 syn.
Hope that helps
Hi you can have two bs an two as but I tend to only have one a and two bs, extra easy is only one of each hope this helps