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Hi there, I’m vegan so have been doing the green plan (all be it from memory) however I am confused about how many hea’s and heb’s am I allowed? Also are the free foods on green the same as a few years ago.
I did the classes before but they are not really for me so I am running blind. I may sign up just to get the books but the whole “group” thing doesn’t work for me as I’m a bit of an introvert.
Please help me .........
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You may be better off popping on eBay and seeing if someone is selling an old book that includes all the info for green days as in class now it's all "extra easy"

But having said that, extra easy does cater for the veggies and vegans very well.

Green days you would have , 2 a choices, and 2 b choices if I remember correctly and between 5-15 syns.
There are a couple of other SW vegans here - take a look through threads from the past few weeks to find them - so you can share hints and tricks to being a happy healthy vegan SW-er!