1. ShashiK

    Hello everyone

    Hello, everyone I'm the sixties, vegetarian fella and want some tips to get fit for living happily.
  2. Laura40

    Hello All!

    Hi everyone I'm starting the Exante diet again today, after having amazing results years ago. Over the last year for various reasons i have gained a bit of weight, despite having been able to maintain fairly well for about 4 years. I'm hoping that by chatting with others on this forum, it will...
  3. Moonebeam

    Newbie on first week of Exante :)

    Hello! Thought I'd introduce myself. I decided to look up an online forum for dieters like me. I'm currently on my first week of the Exante diet. Why Exante? - It was the cheapest TFR diet I could find and they had a good bit of choice. I'm currently having 2 shakes and 1 bar a day. I'm hoping...
  4. vancitygirl

    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone, I was a member of slimming world a few years ago and this time round I've decided to do it on my own with the help of this group. I have lots of healthy recipes planned and going to do some food prep tonight to get me ready for the week. I've also started walking to and from work...
  5. H

    New: hello! :)

    Hi everyone! So I started Slimming World and it isn't really working out for me as I need the portion control aspect (I could literally eat my weight in rice & I love veg so I'm eating just as much as I was before) so I'm going to start Weight Watchers from tomorrow. I'm doing it at home as I...

    Hi I'm new and starting SW again, I've from East Yorks in the UK

    Just wanting to say Hi **waves** and good luck to everyone on their journeys. is anyone else on here from the same region? or nearby that would like a buddy?
  7. D


    I registred to this forum to get motivation and inspiration to lose weight. I am from Germany so I usually measure myself in cm and weih in kg. I will try to learn how to do it otherwise :) I lose and gain weight now since about 2-3 years. I started then at 67 kg at a height of 170 cm. I was...
  8. redheadrenegade

    well hello

    Hi all. I've been using minimins for a while now and just got the courage to sign up :3 Sooo through dieting and exercise, I've lost 20kg since I was sixteen and am now 51.5 kilos ish. I want to keep that weight off and lose more and that's why I'm here I guess. My mum is also looking to wage...