well hello


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Hi all. I've been using minimins for a while now and just got the courage to sign up :3
Sooo through dieting and exercise, I've lost 20kg since I was sixteen and am now 51.5 kilos ish. I want to keep that weight off and lose more and that's why I'm here I guess. My mum is also looking to wage war on the flab, as is my brother.
But certain things about SW baffle us all so help would be appreciated! (like pitta breads... Why only one when two slices of bread is a hexb?) anyhooo, hello and thank you for letting me sign up and also: How many syns can you eat in a day to maintain your weight, if you have a day when you just need to let it go? I'm curious :3
Hi! I'm presuming because pitta breads are more dense that it's the same as two slices from my smaller loaf, that's the only reason I can think of... As for maintenance syns, I'll let you know in about eight months time hopefully LOL though I do think it's a case of experimenting and having what's right for you to maintain. I seem to remember my consultant, years ago, saying it's better to have more syns but use the extra in cooking rather than chocolate and wine et cetera. there are several maintainers here so hopefully they will reply and help?