Newbie on first week of Exante :)


Hello! Thought I'd introduce myself. I decided to look up an online forum for dieters like me. I'm currently on my first week of the Exante diet. Why Exante? - It was the cheapest TFR diet I could find and they had a good bit of choice. I'm currently having 2 shakes and 1 bar a day. I'm hoping to loose a good bit of weight in the next 4 weeks and to then slowly reintroduce "real" food into my diet. I haven't told anyone that I am on it - Not sure why? On day 3 at the moment and all going well so far. Headaches are gone and hunger pangs are being kept at bay by drinking LOADS of water and black coffee. Looking forward to get chatting with other dieters on Exante or any TFR diet :)