1. N

    Low fodmap & slimming world

    Hey guys, Im just wondering if anyone is doing slimming world and the low fodmap diet? If so what are your go-to recipes or snack ideas? Ive marked the low fodmap foods off my slimming world book but Im just starting out and still really struggling to find recipes to use ... Or basically to make...
  2. ZombiePingu

    Extra Easy Slimming World Food Diary (partially low FODMAP)

    This is the food diary for my first week as an online member of Slimming World. I have IBS so have tried to keep to a low FODMAP diet where possible (with some exceptions such as plums, which don't seem to affect me).
  3. serialslimmer7

    IBS sufferer trying to lose weight

    Hi everyone, Bit of a :oops: post but I need a bit of help. I have very severe IBS as in literally all food just goes straight through me in less 15 mins of eating it. This poses its own issues as I can't eat out or even eat at all unless i have quick access to a bathroom! I have to take...
  4. AmyD93xo

    IBS and Slimming World - Buddy request?

    Hi, I'm 22 years old and have been following Slimming World since October 2015. I have around 2 stone to lose for me. I have suffered with IBS for 6 years now and would love a buddy to chat with and possibly confess our muckups and just full on support. If anyone would be interested at all I...