1. Muppet182

    Diary of a food muppet

    Ah, I come to share the nonsense in my head following yet another set back. I technically started Cambridge Weight Plan last month and have lost just over a stone, but I keep finding myself still eating. It's not difficult, just eat your products woman and stop the nonsense. To be fair, my...
  2. LivvLove

    Total Solution Liv's Lovely VLCD

    Starting weight: 12 stone 0 lbs First goal: 11 stone Second goal: 10 stone 7 lbs Third goal: 10 stone Final goal: 9 stone 7 lbs So tomorrow is day 4 of my Exante journey. I'm pretty pleased with myself for making it this far because I have little to no willpower generally. I've never been happy...
  3. JavelinJoe

    80lbs / 5.7 Stone lost, My before after pictures and my story - You can change!!!

    Hey guys so I'm new here, my name is Joe, im 21 and from the U.K. So a little back story about me, ive pretty much been overweight / obese for as long as i can remember, with things going from a little overweight to obese early in high school (U.K) maybe 7 odd years ago, ive been obese for as...
  4. Sharn

    Intro background story newbie - day 7 eeek!! x

    Hi guys thought I would take some time to introduce myself to those who might be interested and to help me feel a little better... After reading through the various threads these last couple of days so many of your encouraging words, advice and stories really pushed me through so thought I would...
  5. TwoBiscuitProblem

    Getting over the two biscuit problem . . . . .

    Hello all, brand new here and figured I'd go all or nothing and join a forum to gain and give support while I lose weight :) :) My weight has been a bit of a sticking point from the age of 18 onwards - gaining and losing a few stones, rather than a few pounds the way most people do. I went...
  6. E

    Cutting Down on the Lembas Bread

  7. Gemsta

    Going it my diary and you I hope become my group! :)

    Hi all... I'm new here, but not new to SW. Several years ago I lost 1 1/2 stone with SW but lost my way with the days of Green & Original. Back in last year August I got on the scales for the first time in many months and was shocked to find I weighed 16 stone. My birthday was approaching so I...