Intro background story newbie - day 7 eeek!! x


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S: 13st4lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st8lb(4.3%)
Hi guys thought I would take some time to introduce myself to those who might be interested and to help me feel a little better... After reading through the various threads these last couple of days so many of your encouraging words, advice and stories really pushed me through so thought I would join and give as much back in the hope that I can encourage even a single person I would be a very happy bunny!! :p:p:p:p

Me: I'm 28 years old girly girl obsessed with all things clothes and make up and having fun!!! HR manager living in London fabulous family, friends and bf!

Weight info: I hide my weight well through how 'my look' and curvy body shape......Have always been a size 10-12 in the region of being approx 10 stones. Always had abit of chub to me but liveable for me as quite curvy! 2 years ago put on 2 stones through sheer holidaying, drinking and eating too much and ZERO exercise - bound to happen!! lost it through home workouts but I am back now bigger than ever :(:(:( due finding the love of my life and being a little piglet, drinking eating whatever the hell i wanted with nooooooo exercising!!!! Started this Lipotim journey on the advice of my best friend who is a pharmacy manager a week ago - managed to lose 8 pounds but I will have to admit.....been very cheeky and snacked on tiny pieces of CHEESE :1461::1461::1461::1461: which I totally feel so guilty about.... considering my weight loss hasn't gone down in 2 days the cheese police have been notifying my scales of my bad behaviour!!! Worst part was it wasn't even out of hunger just me being a sheer rebel as usual!! However so so so determined to not be a cheeky monkey and focus....loving the fact I have no hunger issues, not have to think about what to eat/make wrong choices or having too many options - 3 shakes a day, plenty of water, black tea and coffee - job done!!!!!

Motivation: my birthday is in August and i want to be looking and feeling amazing for MYSELF! I also have a further 2 holidays in August and September would like to be feeling SUPER CONFIDENT! Also have been discussing getting engaged to my bf and would hate this to happen at my current weight when I am so unhappy with how I look and feel not quite like my old self:flamingmade::flamingmade::flamingmade:

Goals: lose a total of 3 stones by MID JULY, start refeed and get back into my home work outs and TONE TONE TONE !!!

I admire all of you who have started and have been on this journey... Lipotrim to those who arent on it may seem extreme and dramatic and people may not understand why it has brought you to this point (usual comments of why dont you just diet and exercise??) for me I have lost so much motivation being for me this heavy personally, therefore needed something to help me snap out of this vicious cycle I have with being a general piglet!

I look forward to sharing my crazy journey with you and wish you all the best :winner::winner::winner:
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Good luck Hun, I look forward to reading your journey xx