1. Sharshar001

    newbie to the KETO DIET not newbie to MiniMins

    Oi Oi!!! So the story so far... 2012 I lost 3 and a half stones on dukan diet. Only diet that's ever worked (that I've actually sticked to. So actually the only diet I've ever worked at) however unlike the recommendation about three years ago stopped having my Protein Only days and Tada here we...
  2. Kalinsky

    Keto July-Dec 2018 The New Us

    Hi everyone, who wants to join me on keto with first goal of now till Christmas? Imagine where we can be by then! I’m the heaviest I’ve even been and want to shed the weight for good. It would be great to have new peeps to encourage each other. Good luck to everyone who is starting their...
  3. S

    Back to VLCD from Atkins

    Hi all, This is my first post as I'm new to minimins! I started Exante VLCD on 5th Jan and managed to lose just under a stone (6kg) in 3 weeks, which brought me down to 64kg. Since then, spent a few days slowly phasing myself and I did a week and a half of Dukan (induction phase) and lost...