newbie to the KETO DIET not newbie to MiniMins


Oi Oi!!!
So the story so far...
2012 I lost 3 and a half stones on dukan diet. Only diet that's ever worked (that I've actually sticked to. So actually the only diet I've ever worked at) however unlike the recommendation about three years ago stopped having my Protein Only days and Tada here we are back at 12 stone 3 stones heavier erugh. Feeling fat and disgusting and hate looking at myself. So after thinking id try the usual suspects (weight watchers, slimming world , blah blah blah) all over again (because I can still eat all the rubbish) and failing on them again (and over eating because I've failed and out of self loathing) I've decided this has to be a life style change however since 2012 lots more information on the low carbohydrate diet has come to light via TV, netflix, Facebook etc and it appears that going full into a keto diet as opposed to such a restrictive diet as the dukan is might be the way forward especially as I'm looking for long term not a quick drop the weight diet. Plus also I'm 40 this year not 33 like last time and I'm not sure I could be so strict as I can do the no carbs but I like veggies and the keto diet (as opposed to dukan) appeals to me as it allows all the allowed foods from the get go so no strict attack phase (not that that was a bad thing but the initial brain fog, headaches and sugar withdrawing was difficult on such a limited diet)
I'm giving my self an overhaul but staying with the diet then attempting some exercise and then giving up the cigarettes for good. I don't want to be 40 and smoking and fat and unhealthy.
It sounds daunting hence why it's being cut up into bite sized pieces so not all in and punched back out in the first week. I plan to start on Monday as I've joined the diet doctor free 2 week keto challenge and plan to do a diary on here as it helped me last time very much. And I had so much going on in my life at that time split with an ex partner (insert rude horrible noun of your choice 😂) and moving home with my two children and all sorts of life changing events (my diary is on here under dukan diary charlyfarly1979) so I know if I did it back then I deffo can do it now) just wondered if any body else is doing the keto diet and had any tips or diaries I could read or just wanted a new friend (yes me 🙄) if so hit me up

Oh yes and finally

Hi folks look forward to meeting ya'll x