1. NamesJames

    What's the fastest way to shed pounds?

    I am asking this question because I want to know what works, scientifically speaking. So a fast or fastest 'way' could be a diet or exercises program or even a daily regime. Basically, whatever you have tried that yielded measurable results in the shortest time frame. For me, it was being 20...
  2. L

    Total Solution Here I go!

    So.. here I go! Today was day one of Exante Total Solutions. I tried CWP a few months ago but had to stop due to needing an operation. Op is all done and I have the doctors ok to go! I decided money wise Exante would work best for me. So....about me! When I have tried this before I have...
  3. Aniee

    Tips to Reduce Weight Fast

    Watch Your Fluids 1. Drink green tea. 2. Avoid calories in a glass. 3. Start Lifting. 4. Avoid the Salt. 5. Add spices in your diet. 6. Get some sleep. 7. Go for an evening walk. 8. Eat every meal. 9. Add 20 minutes of exercise per day. 10. Drink Water More.