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So.. here I go! Today was day one of Exante Total Solutions. I tried CWP a few months ago but had to stop due to needing an operation. Op is all done and I have the doctors ok to go! I decided money wise Exante would work best for me.

So....about me! When I have tried this before I have focused solely on weight loss and when I 'only lost a pound' I got so down I just gave up and so I am doing it a bit differently this time! I am going to go by sizes and how I feel! I won't be weighing myself but I will be taking daily pictures (I may even share them here if I get up the nerve!)

Size - Generally size 20/22 bottom and size 18/20 on top - BIG hips!
Age - 28
Happily married - Husband is also overweight but currently doing his own thing with Atkins - I feel like the food would be too much of a temptation to me at this point but pleased we are both trying to be healthier

Size 14 Bottoms and Size 12 Top! I know I will never be the same top and bottom but this is the size I was at my wedding and felt the slimmest and most comfortable I ever have!
Feel comfortable enough to go dancing! I LOVE DANCING!
Wear a bikini on holiday in September!
Get my PCOS under control... I would love to be able to start trying for a baby but my weight and PCOS has caused issues for us so fingers crossed this will help!
Train myself to eat better by reintroducing healthy foods! Learn to love a SALAD!

Basically this diary is to keep me honest.... keep me motivated..... and give my hands something to do in the evening instead of reaching for the sweets!!

It would be AMAZING to hear your stories and any tips for this. Today I am 3 shakes down. The chocolate wasn't my fave but the cookies and cream and vanilla are lovely! I have some of the bars too but I have heard its best to keep these until after the first week??

Water intake has been 3.5 litres today and got a nice green tea for this evening :)

Some questions if anyone out there would be so kind!
- How much water should I be drinking daily
- Do you take vitamin supplements? I take a daily tablet anyway but should I be taking more

Thank you! Here's to day 2!
Hi there. My first day will be tomorrow, but I followed atkins today to help me get into ketosis quicker (not sure whether that will work or not but hey-ho.

I take a multivitamin each day normally but not on exante as they are already in the packs. I'm not sure about water but I drink quite a lot anyway. Just do your best

With me, I miss the booze, in particular, wine. I'm good during the week then fall off the wagon at the weekend. I've decided a detox is in order so hoping I will stick it out this time :0)
Thank you that's really good to know! Atkins does seem really appealing... Husband had bacon and eggs for dinner! I just need to re-educate myself with food for a bit. WINE! I am going to struggle with this too, I really enjoy a nice glass of red with dinner but I am hoping at the end of it all I can have the occasional treat and not over-indulge :)

Good luck you sound really motivated so am sure you will smash it :) Let me know how your get on with day 1!