low calorie

  1. P

    low calorie diet.

    Hi everyone - i am new here and not very experienced with dieting. I have started a 1200 diet, it has been 5 days. so far so good, i am not a big breakfast person and never was so i am currently eating lunch, dinner and snacks. my dinners are consisting of my protein pre-made meals so it’s a...
  2. Shuckels

    Exante Works. I'm Living Proof. (Pics Included)

    Hi guys, first ever post and was the only forum I could find that had a good Exante thread. Well, it's been an extraordinary journey, but I'm nearing my goal. My starting weight: 308 lbs - Current weight 202 lbs (7 months I have lost 106 lbs). When I first looked into VLCD's there were so many...
  3. E

    Is anyone on Shake that Weight?

    Hello, I started my shake that weight diet a week ago. I'm on three shakes a day and a low calorie meal at night. I couldn't find a recent threat for this so I'm wondering if theres anyone out there to chat to? :)