1. A

    Started Slimming world and not sure what to make for lunch for university, any ideas??

    hi everyone, ive just started slimming world and was wondering was is best for me to take to university for lunch??
  2. Sammiiee

    Packed lunch ideas please...

    hello all So me and my partner have been on SlimmingWorld for a few months now, we're struggling with lunches. My partner is a lorry driver (no in cab oven/microwave etc) he's the trickiest out of the two of us (I will eat anything with pasta/rice) Anyone have any suggestions??! Thanks in...
  3. L

    Grab on the Go Lunch - Slimming World

    Need help.. Struggling for eat on the go slimming world lunch ideas.. I'm a driver and spend a lot of time on the road in the wagon. I can sometimes park up and eat but i dont always know when or where my next stop will be. I like to have things i can just grab and pick at.. but after a year on...
  4. marybobs

    Anyone have any quick lunch ideas?

    I have 15 minute breaks in work and not always access to a microwave. So need a little help figuring out what I can eat in that short a time space. I'm sick of wasting syns or hexb on bread or HiFi etc.
  5. NikolaLuigi

    Pub lunch

    Hi everyone :) I am going to the Cricketers pub in Horsell in a few weeks for a family event, and don't know what to have from the menu :confused: I was thinking either jacket potato with tuna mayo, or...
  6. M

    Sainsburys dim sum

    Hi all, 3 weeks into SW. One of my old favourites were Sainsbury's 9 coloured dim sum with ginger soy dip. 3 X prawn beetroot shumai 3 oriental vegetable chive gyoza 3 prawn turmeric hacao Having this as lunch. Just checked if it's free or syn's and the calculator said it was 13 syn's. Surely...