new year

  1. kiki_hells

    2018; The Year Of Me & Losing 1.5st!

    Evening MiniMins, I'm a newbie here :) but have followed Slimming World on and off since 2015. I've had a lot of success with it so know that it works for me but I'm a self-confessed comfort eater and reach for the sweet treats when I'm feeling down. I lost 2st in 2015 following the birth of...
  2. JoanieK

    Jan 2017 challenge- everybody welcome

    So gonna kick this off with a hope of 4lbs loss in January.. Joaniek- 5lb target- 5lb to go
  3. Trinalouise

    New Year, New Me... Again!

    Hi All, Happy New Year everyone!!! I am here writing in preparation for starting Slimming World on Wednesday evening, sorry if this post becomes quite long!! I know it's cliche, but I have the power of New Year behind me and am more determined than ever to make some major changes...
  4. F

    Mini goal - weight loss for the new year 2016!

    Hi! I am so excited to be back on mininmins now it is back up! Anyone got any mini goals for the start of 2016? Share them here and lets support each other to get there? I'd like to lose 4.5 lbs by then and get my 5 stone award...that would be amazing... if I do that I will also be a healthy...