orlistat (xenical)

  1. Burgo

    New and scared of Xenical!!

    Hi, I started my "lifestyle change" many years ago, gave up drugs 20 years ago, only drink once per year and now seek to change my unhealthy eating habits. I weighed in at 115kg (164cm tall, 50 years old, Male). Now I weigh 100 kg, however still lots of stomach fat, I go to the gym twice a week...
  2. Mini

    Hi! A Big Welcome to Old and New Members for 2016!

    Is this YOUR year? Is this the year that you will lose weight? This is a great time of year to start a new diet or to get back on the wagon to lose the pounds and with the support, encouragement and help from our wonderful members we can achieve our weight-loss goals in 2016! We would really...