New and scared of Xenical!!


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I started my "lifestyle change" many years ago, gave up drugs 20 years ago, only drink once per year and now seek to change my unhealthy eating habits.
I weighed in at 115kg (164cm tall, 50 years old, Male).

Now I weigh 100 kg, however still lots of stomach fat, I go to the gym twice a week and do two 45 minute classes (BoxFit and KICK), the other three days I do a 7 kilometre bike ride at moderate pace.

One month ago I started shakes for breakfast (Total Meal Replacement, 4% Fat) and lunch (Thermowhey, 2% Fat) both from Bulk Nutrients, I have regular meal of meat and veg for dinner.
I take VitaMix powder 3g in the morning for 50% of my daily vitamin and mineral needs, also 15 grams of Tri Fibre+.
I average 3000 calorie burn per day and again not sure what my calories should be as different calculators tell me different things, am registered with Fitbit to log my meals etc. Try to eat 40% Protein, 30% Carbs, 30% Fat.

Do I take the Xenical with the shakes also or just my Dinner?

Many thanks,
Christian :)