packed lunch

  1. A

    Started Slimming world and not sure what to make for lunch for university, any ideas??

    hi everyone, ive just started slimming world and was wondering was is best for me to take to university for lunch??
  2. Sammiiee

    Packed lunch ideas please...

    hello all So me and my partner have been on SlimmingWorld for a few months now, we're struggling with lunches. My partner is a lorry driver (no in cab oven/microwave etc) he's the trickiest out of the two of us (I will eat anything with pasta/rice) Anyone have any suggestions??! Thanks in...
  3. GemTay1

    slimming world pack lunches

    Hello I have just joined slimming world for the 2nd time and I am hoping to be able to get my head around it s bit better this time. i would like some ideas on packed lunches for work if possible, i work in a call centre we have a kettle and a microwave available to us if needed. also does...