slimming world pack lunches



I have just joined slimming world for the 2nd time and I am hoping to be able to get my head around it s bit better this time.

i would like some ideas on packed lunches for work if possible, i work in a call centre we have a kettle and a microwave available to us if needed.

also does anyone have any cous cous recipe ideas that may be low in syns or free.

thank you

i am new to mini mins so i hope i have posted this correctly x
IMG_1121.PNG This may help you x
thank you, i have this morning been looking at cous cous and things i can put in to it that may be free foods,

also does anyone know anything about the slimming world pizza dough?? i have seen people using all different bases but i would like to know if there is one i can made which is like a dough???

iv seen the 500g bread mix and 330 ml of warm water is this the hexa and hexb recipe ???

I make my own roasted veg cous cous which is free and much nicer than the packets.
Finely chop onion, carrot, courgette and pepper, (whatever you want) tip into a roasting pan, spray with fry light, sprinkle some dried herbs over and cook in oven until soft.
Pour cous cous into a Pyrex bowl, pour over boiling water until it just covers the cous cous, put a plate on top as a lid and leave for a few minutes to steam. Separate grains with a fork, mix in veg and eat. Yum! Lasts for a few days and is great to take to work. If you can spare the syns (spread over amount of portions) put some butter in it! Mmmmm!
brilliant, thank you. I lost 5lb this week so I think I must be doing something right :) i am hoping for a loss again on Thursday! the only thing i have come across this past week is i often feel fine through out the day at work as im in a routine but this weekend I noticed after I had my breakfast I went out for a long walk with the dogs during the afternoon I felt quite hungry and I had to keep thinking in my head that I cant just go to the shop as I used to and buy a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar or stop in a drive through so i ended up going home and having a jacket potato with beans.

does anyone have any ideas about when being out and about and if you did want to pop into a shop and grab something quickly what sort of things would be the best to buy (lowest syned) ect its a little bit of a nightmare when your in a rush and your having to type every item into the syn checker

anyone's help would be amazing. thank you