1. nicoledohm

    The Red Tea Detox

    I was thinking of using this for weight loss! The Red Tea Detox! What do you think of this product or has anyone tried it? I think it looks interesting and may be worth a try. J
  2. M

    Do they still do Red & Green in clubs?

    Hiya, I want to do slimming world, I'm nearly 24 stone. I'm on medication and last time I tried slimming world was about 2-3 years ago. I was following the extra easy diet but I really struggled and gave up as over months I lost less than half a stone. As I have depression, I've continued to...
  3. chubbypenguin

    Diary of an ex calorie counter

    Hi all, relatively new to the forum but a long time lurker! Started slimming world 1 week ago, I previously lost 3 stone on calorie counting/5:2 diet however unfortunately I became a bit obsessed by the numbers and counting and went too far the other way! So gave myself a year or so to sort my...
  4. chubbypenguin

    How would you syn this?

    Out to eat tonight, trying to choose the best option! What would syns be on: Insalata Mista or verde( Mixed or green) (v) Spaghetti alla Montanara Finely chopped steak with onions, red peppers, rocket & a touch of tomato ? Think they are the best options, else tempted to have a very off plan...