Do they still do Red & Green in clubs?


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I want to do slimming world, I'm nearly 24 stone. I'm on medication and last time I tried slimming world was about 2-3 years ago. I was following the extra easy diet but I really struggled and gave up as over months I lost less than half a stone. As I have depression, I've continued to comfort eat and drink (coca cola being my downfall!) so I desperately need to get the weight off asap. I've also found out that I may have an hereditary heart condition which involves cholesterol so I'm more at risk even more so.

Anyway, the question is, do they do red and green in clubs still? Or is it mostly extra easy- I realised that I lost weight a lot easier before on this diet and hopefully it will help me this time, unlike the extra easy diet. If they're still very focused on extra easy, is there anything where you can choose to follow these in group or would I be better at home?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi they no longer do Red & Green in class, just Extra Easy. If you wanted to follow the old plan you could always try and track down some books on selling sites and I'm sure there are still people that follow the plan on Mini's, have a look around for some threads. Good luck!