slimming world ideas

  1. Theonyxsnake

    Oat flour

    Can anyone tell me if oat flour can be used instead of just porridge oats for your healthy b option? X
  2. JoeRow

    Looking for easy SW lunch/dinner recipes that can be made in bulk!

    Hey! 👋 I haven't been following a SW diet for the past few months and I've piled on the pounds... Therefore, I am really eager to get back on it as I've had great success with SW in the past (I lost 3 stone over around 5 months!). The reason I stopped my SW diet was that I'm a super lazy guy...
  3. J

    Stir Fry Sauce

    Hi All! I'm thinking of doing a stir fry tonight but I'm not that adventurous with vegetables. I was thinking of having chicken with just a simply veg kit from tesco but I'm unsure of what sauce I should use to go with it? I have soy sauce at home but I don't know if anything else needs to go...
  4. Slimming Emma

    Red day idea?

    Hi, my weight loss has been fairly slow on extra easy, if I lose anything! I am therefore looking at doing 2 or 3 days a week of red days to boost weight loss. Just looking to get some inspiration for food ideas and whether red days has helped anyone who has hit a plateau? Thanks