Looking for easy SW lunch/dinner recipes that can be made in bulk!


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Hey! 👋

I haven't been following a SW diet for the past few months and I've piled on the pounds... Therefore, I am really eager to get back on it as I've had great success with SW in the past (I lost 3 stone over around 5 months!).
The reason I stopped my SW diet was that I'm a super lazy guy and honestly I don't like cooking... I found myself making the same couple of meals over and over again as they were quick and easy. I soon found myself getting bored and soon slipped back into old eating habits.

Therefore, I'm looking for some Slimming World lunch/dinner ideas that I can make in bulk and eat over a few days. My staple meals were things like beef chilli and chicken curries as they are so easy and quick to make. Plus, I can make huge portions of them and have them for lunch/dinner over the next few days (therefore my time in the kitchen during the week to a minimum!)

I'll eat pretty much anything as long as I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen! I often will use frozen/canned veg as to not have to prepare them fresh (I know, I'm infuriatingly lazy...) I also don't mind having to use some of my syns but would like to avoid using my HEXs if possible as I usually have them for breakfast (but I'd be grateful for any easy bulk recipes!)

Really hoping some of you can give me some good ideas and the motivation to get back on SW! 😄
Thank you in advance!
If you batch cook bolognese sauce, and portion it off to freeze, you can use this as either bolognese or chilli when you defrost it, as you only need to add 1 tsp cumin powder and some kidney beans to turn it into a chilli. Also if you can't be bothered spending time making a casserole, the Mayflower Southern Style Gravy tastes nice as a casserole sauce, and I throw some veg and chicken into it. Omelettes and cooked breakfasts are easy and don't take long too.