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  1. A

    That time of the month ladies!

    Hey everyone, so.. I got my period on Sunday.. My weigh in is on Thursday. I've been drinking loads of water to flush - have any of you any experiences with weight gain when on their menstrual cycle? If so, let me know. Thanks All! x
  2. chubby bunny


    I've recently started slimming world again and struggle with making many different meals. Could you all please share your favourite recipes?? THANK YOU
  3. whatkatiedid

    A student's guide to Slimming World

    So... I've done Slimming World many times now but I always struggle going to group, this didn't help when I was a few years younger and I put 1lb on, the person who weighed me laughed at me and made a sarcastic comment. That knocks a young girl's confidence. ANYWAY, I'm starting up my...