support needed

  1. Vickyb84

    Too scared to be fat

    Hi everyone. 5 years ago I lost 6st to start ivf. We had our beautiful daughter and for that I will always be grateful. After I had her for the 1st time I really struggled with myself and started to comfort eat. Since the covid-19 outbreak I have been terrified of catching it and because I am...
  2. Blossyboo

    I need a kick up the backside

    So here I am. Day one.... AGAIN!!! I am desperate to lose weight and equally as desperate to eat everything that’s not nailed down. I weighed myself this morning. It’s horrendous. 20 stone 7 lbs. I kid myself I don’t look it. My husband tells me I don’t look huge (he’s lying bless him) I am...
  3. BritInSingapore

    Sugar free?!?

    Hi, I've just started on a sugar free diet and was hoping to get some inspiration/advice here. But I can't seem to find a thread on it. Every other diet is here, surly I'm not the only one attempting to give up the white stuff! Do any of you follow a sugar free diet? Any top tips?