Sugar free?!?

Hi, I've just started on a sugar free diet and was hoping to get some inspiration/advice here. But I can't seem to find a thread on it. Every other diet is here, surly I'm not the only one attempting to give up the white stuff! Do any of you follow a sugar free diet? Any top tips?
Hi there,
How´s it going.?
I´ve made various attempts at sugar free challenges but flunked them all I´m afraid. Still aim for at least no added sugar. I usually do ok, till I don´t, then have a binge and have to start again.
Hence I keep trying to NOT be on a diet in the hope I learn how to stop this yo -yoing and just enjoy healthy, nutritious food.
Would be interested to know how it´s going and how you´re feeling.
Hey! I am on a "sugar free diet."

The idea is to eat as much "real" food as possible. Anything that comes pre-made or in a jar or a tin, normally has tons of added sugar in it. Avoid low fat products as they remove the fat and add sugar.

A normal day for me will look something like this:

Breakfast- green smoothie (banana, spinach, avocado, seeds and chai seeds
Lunch and Supper- Home made soup, or roasted veg with chicken, stir frys.. basically something I have cooked at home.

Snacks I eat nuts or dried fruit (but be careful with fruit as the sugar content is high!) Or olives (munching on some of them now.) Cooked meats also (but be careful of the store bought sliced meats.)

You have to be a label reader.. I can spend ages in the supermarket checking all the labels. Its exhausting!

Saying this.. I have also cut out gluten / caffiene and also dairy. (It's bloody hard.. but I feel better for it!) So this may be why it takes me longer to read things.

Ive slipped up a couple of times (pop tart yesterday) but I haven't done as badly as I thought I would have. :)

Its damn hard but worth it!