I need a kick up the backside


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So here I am. Day one.... AGAIN!!! I am desperate to lose weight and equally as desperate to eat everything that’s not nailed down. I weighed myself this morning. It’s horrendous. 20 stone 7 lbs. I kid myself I don’t look it. My husband tells me I don’t look huge (he’s lying bless him) I am huge. I’ve been here before. 24 stone and dropped to 12.5 in just over a year. Why oh why could I not keep it off. I vow every year I’m not gonna look like this come May. Guess what? I’m bigger than I was last year. I hear constantly “you’ve such a pretty face” the rest I finish in my head... FOR A FAT PERSON
I’ve set myself a two week challenge. If I can lose weight in two weeks. I’ll keep going. What utter nonsense. I have to keep going. I could give you a million excuses why I’m fat. Bottom line is I eat too much of everything I shouldn’t. My back aches I’m in a size 24 and I’ve a head like a pumpkin. What I need is good people around me who I can be totally honest with too support me. My friends are all tiny and I’m the token fat girl. Can anyone relate?
I think you're doing the right thing, you're in the right place, and you'll find lots of support here. All the best with your efforts.
Ahhhh - I totally hear you on ALL of this. A couple of weeks ago I got on the scales, realised I was 16st (which might not seem too bad except I'm 5'2 so it basically means morbidly obese) and decided I absolutely had to do something about it.

The thing is, you can totally do this. If you stick to the plan rigidly you will absolutely lose weight. I've been doing this for a week and I dropped from 16st to 15st7 in a week. I did cheat and I drank a metric arsetonne of water. And whenever I felt hungry or my resolve weakened I'd just remember how crap I feel all the time: aching back, sore ankles, sweating all the time. URGH.

*cheering for you*
Thank you so much. Your just what I needed to hear. I’ve gone beyond morbidly obese. The thing is because I’m able to buy bigger clothes and remove the labels I convince myself I’m not really this size. Twenty minutes on the treadmill nearly killed me but I did it and I feel like I’ve accomplished something
Err, I can't type, I mean I *didn't* cheat. Not that I did.

Cheating is bad. Don't cheat :)

And congratulations on your treadmill adventures - I would say though (and I am not by any means an expert) it's generally not recommended you exercise when you're on a VLCD. I mean, you're on so few calories per day that if you start trying to do vigorous stuff with your body it can throw everything kind of out of kilter and make you super hungry. So, in your place, (and, again, this is just me) for the first week at least I would concentrate on sticking to the plan and not worry too much about exercise.