sw recipes

  1. Miss Scarlett Blue

    Puddings Syn free panna cotta

    Put 500ml semi skimmed milk in a pan (from HEX A or syn accordingly) along with 3 tbsp granulated sweetener. Sprinkle on a sachet of gelatine. Heat until just before boiling. Stir well and add 1tsp vanilla extract and 2 egg yolks (not usual for panna cotta but I did this to try give some...
  2. J

    Rice pouches

    Hi I’m doing slimming world at home and was wondering what the syn values on the rice pouches like the uncle bens. Was looking for something to have at work that is quick but filling at the same time. Thanks.
  3. J

    Eating rice on Slimming world.

    I eat rice everyday on Slimming world, will I still loose weight. I use the boil in the bag rice and I don’t add any oils or butter. I have meat, rice and vegetables. Is this ok really need advice. Thanks
  4. J


    Hi, I really enjoy meat, rice and vegetables at the moment and I have it everyday as it really fills me up. I don’t want to put weight on as I am happy at the weight I am at. Is what I’m eating ok? Thanks J
  5. hananafritters

    Chicken and Baked Bean Risotto - Syn Free

    When I got home tonight I was pretty hungry. Sunday is normally my food shop day but because of work I didn't get home until after the shops all close so had to do a bit of cupboard cooking. I knew I had some chicken in the freezer so knew I wanted to incorporate that then I looked in my...
  6. SW_SHAR

    Finding Variety & Keeping It Cheap!!

    Hello Everyone, I am so happy to be a part of this network! There are some excellent feeds and forums to support new and old slimming world people! I started doing slimming world again for the second time just 1 and a half weeks ago. I haven't been a part of the slimming world lifestyle change...