Chicken and Baked Bean Risotto - Syn Free

When I got home tonight I was pretty hungry. Sunday is normally my food shop day but because of work I didn't get home until after the shops all close so had to do a bit of cupboard cooking.

I knew I had some chicken in the freezer so knew I wanted to incorporate that then I looked in my cupboard and picked out risotto rice and a tin of baked beans. I didn't measure anything as it was all free foods

Arborio rice (risotto rice)
Diced chicken breast
Chicken stock cube
Dried mixed herbs
Soy sauce
Baked beans.

First I grilled the chicken breast pieces using my George Foreman Grill (could also fry with cooking spray). While it was cooking, I fried the onion and garlic with FryLight until soft. Once the chicken was cooked I added it to the pan.

Then, I added the dry arborio rice, chicken stock, mixed herbs and soy sauce to the pan with boiled water and stirred everything together.

I left everything to cook and the water to boil off for 15-20 minutes on a low to medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Once most of the liquid had been absorbed or boiled off, I added half a tin of baked beans then cooked for another few minutes to make sure the beans were heated through.

It smelled amazing throughout my whole flat while I was cooking and it tasted pretty good too. Not bad for something scrambled together!