1. Chris Judson

    Starving Yourself - Right or Wrong?

    hey guys, Probably a bit of a controversial chat/discussion but would appreciate people’s views/thoughts/opinions on this one. I have tried to discuss this with my better half but it does nothing but cause an argument as she spends most of her days working in a care home where people can’t eat...
  2. Chris Judson

    Cheat Nights/Off Plan Nights?

    Hi All, does anyone have a 'on purpose' "off plan" night or a "cheat night" during their weightloss week? We tend to have a cheat night on a wednesday night after our slimmingworld night as its about 9:20pm by the time we get out of image theropy, so the whole idea of cooking after that...
  3. Chris Judson

    I Lost Weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So after what can only be described as possibly one of the worst weekends food wise including mcdonlads on friday, Fish and Chips Sunday at the harvester, then take out sunday night because our kitchen was all packed up and in various boxes... However....0.5lb loss!!!! shocked was not the word...