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Cheat Nights/Off Plan Nights?

Hi All,

does anyone have a 'on purpose' "off plan" night or a "cheat night" during their weightloss week?
We tend to have a cheat night on a wednesday night after our slimmingworld night as its about 9:20pm by the time we get out of image theropy, so the whole idea of cooking after that logistically is a bit of a nightmare so usually we try and cook something quick but add a bit of take out to it.

Last night was Chicken fajitas (El Do Passo kit) with sour cream and salsa with some chippy chips on the side.

We try not to feel too guilty about that meal because we only try and do it once a week (where possible).
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We used to have a cheat night after weigh in when I was doing it before.

This time we're attending a Friday morning group, so that means we get to visit the local fruit stall on the market now instead.

If I get a good weight loss going, I might decide to start treating myself with a bacon sandwich. Having said that, I often find on SW that the foods I ate before settle too heavy on me, so I don't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. Don't know if that makes sense.
I used to cheat on WI evenings a little but have tried to stop doing that now. Instead I try to just tweak the meals that might have been cheats into something SW friendly. We have the Old El Paso fajitas quite a lot but we have rice instead of tortillas (or a HEB tortilla), fat free Greek yogurt instead of soured cream and a HEA worth of cheese. It still feels naughty but with a bit of salsa it still comes in at around 3.5 syns each, or 4.5 if we're lazy and use the ready cooked microwave rice. Sometimes we're 'naughty' and have a bag of Doritos with it but that's just another 6 syns so it feels like a cheat but it's not.

Someone at our group raised this the other night. Every evening after group they go to Tesco and buy a bar of chocolate to eat. They think of this as a 'cheat' but they stay syn-free all day and the chocolate only comes in at 10 or 11 syns so it's still on-plan, even though it feels naughty.
I am still drinking wine, but plan it rather than juts open a bottle because I feel like it.
I haven't been brave enough to have a 'cheat' day on weigh day. I worry I'll end up with a large gain the following week. That said, I have had meals where I have planned to not stick 100% to the plan and those have been great. Once I hit target I think I'll try a cheat day.


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Wow silken, you have lost a huge amount of weight, well done. Will we get to see before and after photos?
Wow silken, you have lost a huge amount of weight, well done. Will we get to see before and after photos?
Thank you! I will try and find some photos this weekend and will upload to the site. It's such a strange feeling - I know I've lost the weight as I'm buying smaller clothes and have far more energy but when I look in the mirror I think I look the same, doh! That said, I can really notice it when I look back at old photos of myself.


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We never cheat the plan, but we do have a treat meal on a Saturday night (still within syns)

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