1. O

    Batchelors Super Rice & Sauce

    Hi All, I've searched the web and can't find any syn value for 'Batchelors Super Rice & Sauce' there in pots not rice packets, it says there NEW which is probably why I can't find them...:(:(:( I've got the Mild Curry and Chicken & Mushroom flavor because someone told me they were free... does...
  2. Skurli

    Extra Easy Indian Takeaway Tarka Daal Syn?

    Hi everyone. Was wondering if someone could check the syns in tarka daal as none of my local takeaways seem to do a chickpea dhal unfortunately. Tried searching the thread for similar post but could find one related to M&S Tarka Dhal soup. Thank you Lisa
  3. Mouse_x

    New to this could really use some help?!?

    Hi everyone, I did slimming world a few years ago and lost 4 and half stone needless to say that's all come back on. I've received had a baby and reallt want to get back on plan. I can't afford to rejoin and tbh I never attended group before. It would be really helpful if anyone could help...
  4. S

    Yeo valley and activia yogurt syns help?

    120g pot of fat free vanilla yogurt how many syns for this please? Also the Yeo valley Greek style yogurt with honey which is 120g pot is this 1.5 syns? Thank you
  5. C

    asda butchers selection hot dog bursts - syns value please!

    hey guys, these are a new product so not in my directory but could anyone put this through the syns calculator for me? guessing they are going to be fairly high! asda butchers selection hot dog bursts with american style mustard ypical values (grilled) Per 100g Energy 1154kJ 278kcal Fat 22g...
  6. S

    Asda Family Hunters Chicken

    Good Afternoon I am new to slimming world and just wondered if anyone knew how many syns is in Asda's Family Hunters Chicken? It has 4 portions so per portion would be helpful. Thankyou
  7. NikolaLuigi

    Hartley Jelly

    So I just read somewhere that the Hartley sugar free jellies that are ready made are free, but the ones in the sachets are 1.5 syns?!?! Is this true? I love jelly and have been treating it as free!
  8. K

    Extra Easy Frozen Foods

    Does anyone know the syn value of the following items please? Birds Eye Inspirations 2 Pink Salmon Fillets Lemon And Dill 280G Birds Eye Inspirations 2 Cod Fillets Tomato Rosemary Sauce 280G Are there any easy freezer food that is syn free that you recommend please? Thanks!
  9. K

    M&S smokehouse bbq beef brisket

    Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me the syn value for the M&S The Gril Smokehouse BBQ Brisket please? I've just had a bit with my dinner but can't find the syns anywhere! Tia xx
  10. Razzyb

    Slimming World friendly restaurants

    Good evening, just wondering if there is any Slimming World friendly restaurants in the London or Kent areas? I want to take my Gf out for a proper meal without her worrying or feeling guilty about Syns. I've had a good Google with no luck :( Thanks.
  11. M

    Pork and apple sausages

    Can anyone tell me what the syn value is for a pork and apple sausage?