New to this could really use some help?!?


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Hi everyone,

I did slimming world a few years ago and lost 4 and half stone needless to say that's all come back on. I've received had a baby and reallt want to get back on plan. I can't afford to rejoin and tbh I never attended group before.

It would be really helpful if anyone could help with some syn values.
I have a directory but it is from 2014. I don't have a particular varied taste in food so it's really important for me to know what I can have.

These are some of the foods I like to eat

Mug shots - creamy cheese
Pasta n sauce - chicken and mushroom
- cheese and broccoli
Herta Frankfurters
Ryvitta -wholegrain crackerbread
Ryvitta - original crispbread
Warburton thins
Sunbites sour cream and black pepper (walkers)
Uncle bens long grain rice
Uncle bens egg fried rice
Asda extra special pork sausages (gluten free)
Quaker oats oat so simple original 27g
Alpen lights
Hartleys 10cal jelly

I know muller lights are free or most of them anyway but does anyone know if the aldi version are. Brooklea fat free (vanilla toffee or banana and custard)

Thank you so much for reading and for any help

Mug Shot - Creamy Cheese - 1
Pasta 'N' Sauce - Both Flavours Free
35g Frankfurter - 3.5
Ryvita Crackerbread - 1
Ryvita Crispbread - 1 or HEB
Warburton Thins (Wholemeal) - HEB or 5
Warburton Thins (White) - 5
Quavers 17g Bag - 4.5
Sunbites Sour Cream 25g Bag - 6
Uncle Bens Express Long Grain Pouch - 1
Uncle Bens Express Egg Fried Rice Pouch - 4
ASDA Extra Special Pork - 7.5 (i think.....)
Quaker Oats So Simple Pouch - HEB or 5
Alpen Lights - HEB or 3
Hartley 10cal Jelly - 0.5

Brooklea yogurts are not free unfortunately :(