1. L

    Indian Takeaway tonight!!

    Hi guys, i'm getting an Indian takeaway tonight. I know a lamb rogan josh is a good thing to have, or a dhansak, but I was wondering if anyone knew how many syns are in a patia? Can't find it anywhere!
  2. Skurli

    Extra Easy Indian Takeaway Tarka Daal Syn?

    Hi everyone. Was wondering if someone could check the syns in tarka daal as none of my local takeaways seem to do a chickpea dhal unfortunately. Tried searching the thread for similar post but could find one related to M&S Tarka Dhal soup. Thank you Lisa
  3. Oliviagoodwin5

    Smart points for Chinese takeaway?

    i am following smart points and wondered if anyone has the values for Chinese takeaway please
  4. Oliviagoodwin5

    What are smart points for Chinese??

    can anyone help me please... I've seen threads for pro points for Chinese takeaway but I am doing smart points does anyone know the smart point values ?
  5. JuliaWalker21

    Extra Easy SP Quick meal, no cook.

    Hi, I've been using slimming world as well as MyFitnessPal to make sure I'm getting the right nutrients and not overdoing the sugar in fruit. But I left my lunch at home today so ended up eating what I'd have had for tea. The problem is, I go straight from work to a game night on Mondays and I...
  6. H

    Eating Out - Indian

    Hi all, Never posted on here before but find the site extremely useful! This weekend, I'm going out to an Indian restaurant with some friends. I have inserted photos of their menu below, and I was wondering what would be the best thing for me to have? FYI, I don't like spicy food (I know it's...