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    Extra Easy Underactive Thyroid and on a mission

    So I have 6 stone to loose. I started last Monday but just found here, I've been struggling to keep a diary and am hoping that I might get enough of an arse kicking here to keep me on at it! So I've started at 16.5 stone. My biggest issue is I like a beer or five when I go to rugby, so thats...
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    Claire B Diary

    So I'm a bit late to the party, but will post my diary below....
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    Hello! Please hold me accountable for my Syns! ;)

    Hi everyone Just completing my first week of the plan, managed to keep within my syns, but strugglig to make sure I always have my healthy extras! I have Hishimotos and an Underactive Thyroid (severe), so my weight is out of control while my medication is finalised. Will keep a food diary...
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    SW & underactive thyroid

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with having an under-active thyroid. I kinda knew something was wrong as I had been following the plan and gaining weight. There were also other symptoms, too (extreme tiredness, nails breaking, feeling the cold). Plus, as I had an over-active thyroid before, I...