Extra Easy Underactive Thyroid and on a mission


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So I have 6 stone to loose. I started last Monday but just found here, I've been struggling to keep a diary and am hoping that I might get enough of an arse kicking here to keep me on at it!

So I've started at 16.5 stone. My biggest issue is I like a beer or five when I go to rugby, so thats going to be a big change for me.

I know this first week I've not gone over 15 syns, but am struggling to get my healthy extras in, though plan to resolve that with cheese and crackers.

The problem is with an underactive thyroid, you are prone to low metabolism. I suffer from Hishimoto disease form of the problem and it brings a whole range of problems.

I'd like to get down to 10.5 stone. Here's hoping I can do it
Hi, here to follow :) It helps writing everything down, especially with the syns and Healthy Extras, people might be able to spot opportunities for you to add them in that you miss yourself. I use mine on breakfast every day then they're used and done for the day and everything else is synnable or free.

Good luck!
Hi.... good luck on your journey :D