1. S

    Extra Easy Shredding for the Wedding!

    Hi All, :) My name's Sadie and I started doing Slimming World from home at the end of November after trying on my wedding dress (bought in the previous March) and S T R U G G L I N G to do it up! I felt like a stuffed sausage and vowed to lose some weight so I can be my absolute best and...
  2. Anne28

    Newbie In Scotland!

    Hello! I've been on this new healthy journey for 4/5 weeks now, and doing great so far! Have lost a total of 20lbs and hoping to keep going. Any one else here in Scotland? I'm not following any specific diets, just eating healthy & doing as much exercise as I can. I'm using the Couch To 5K app...
  3. C

    Wedding Slim Down Challenge

    Day 1 02/06/16 Weight: 10.8 stone It's officially day 1 of TS for me today. Having been on and off with exante for the last 2 months I've shed 14lbs. My starting weight was 11.8 stone and I am now 10.8 stone. At 5ft 1 unfortunately it's not the most healthiest of weights to be for my height...
  4. S

    2016 = Finally hitting my target weight!

    About 5 years ago I weighed 16st 5lbs! After a year at slimming world I made it to 11st 2lbs and I was chuffed! I maintained my loss for a while, however over the last few years I have tipped back and forth between 13st and 11st. So, on the 5th of October I returned to my old Slimming World...