2016 = Finally hitting my target weight!


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About 5 years ago I weighed 16st 5lbs! After a year at slimming world I made it to 11st 2lbs and I was chuffed!

I maintained my loss for a while, however over the last few years I have tipped back and forth between 13st and 11st. So, on the 5th of October I returned to my old Slimming World group. I weighed in at 12st 0.5lbs and have managed to get down to 10st 13.5lbs!

This year I want to reach my target as I have my brothers wedding, a cruise booked for my mums 60th, my cousins wedding and lots of other bits going on! I really would love to look good in a bikini for once too!

So here I go :) 2016 = Finally hitting my target weight! Only 17.5lbs to go!