week 1

  1. Laura40

    Weekly Weigh in :-)

    So happy with my weigh in this morning! Was hoping for 7-8llbs and I have actually lost 10.1llbs!! Great motivator for the week ahead! I know it will slow down this week, so aiming for 5-6llbs. Fingers crossed for a good week everyone! :-)
  2. Moonebeam

    Total Solution Weight loss Diary

    So I have decided to create this thread to motivate me to stay on plan and discuss my journey. I have never been a skinny girl and have finally made my mind up and decided to change something about myself. I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose (10kg) but its still a struggle! I weighed in...
  3. Foodie_teacher_catlady

    Making this time, the last time!

    Laura here. Going through a bit of an intense year training to be a Primary Teacher. Lots of work has resulted in lots of takeaways, chocolates, crisps, scones, bottles of wine...the list goes on. I was already desperate to lose weight before I started this and had tried pretty much every Diet...