weight watchers smart points

  1. Charlyfarly1979

    Free month for WW online app (link)

    Hi there! I been doing WW at home for a couple of weeks and just brought the online tools (I think they are like £6 a month ) I have just noticed that if you use my link then the person who uses it and myself get a free month so thought i’d Share it on here as I know many of you guys do the diet...
  2. suzyanne13

    Anyone tried CD and WW?

    So im into week 2 of CD and lost only 4lbs. Im devastated and frankly struggling with the idea of another week with only meal replacements and such little return! Im drinking loads of water and havent cheated. Its costing a fortune but my lady made me feel bad and i bought another weeks worth...
  3. Mini

    Smart Points Colour-Coded Prefixes for New Threads

    We have added prefixes so that you and other members can find your thread and the plan you are on in the general forum here and in the following forums. https://www.minimins.com/forums/weight-watchers-food-diaries.117/ https://www.minimins.com/forums/ww-weekly-weigh-ins.147/...