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We have added prefixes so that you and other members can find your thread and the plan you are on in the general forum here and in the following forums.

We have made a new sub forum for Smart Points Recipes

We have put Pro Point recipes and Pro Point queries under Prop Points General Forum as we know some people like this plan and are staying with it.

The Vintage Forum is still there with the old Discover Plan

Any threads that need moving around please let me know and I can move them.
Thanks Mini. Hope the board gets busy soon
Is there anyone here who could explain the New Weight Watchers Smart Points Plan on a new thread and I can put it on a sticky.
There is another branch called no count and I have added a prefix for it.

So you count and eat within your points or no count and only eat what is approved.

There is also Move and Smile which is appart of the Eat.

A new holistic approach.